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  • Last Updated: 19/01/2022 at 15:00
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You may be aware of a global supply shortage of semiconductors and other components affecting some consumer computer parts and leading to extended lead times, due to a combination of increased demand, production issues and transport delays. These same issues are now affecting supply chains for datacentre parts too, including CPUs, GPU accelerators, motherboards, chassis, RAID controller cards, network cards and switches.

Although we have some information on the expected delays for some of these datacentre components, for others the picture is less clear. There are however, indications across the board that the industry will be facing this ongoing and significant disruption for many months to come.

With these challenges in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to ensure our valued customers that the Scan Business team is here to help. In addition, we have created a list of FAQs below in order to offer the best advise as to how we can attempt to address the component shortage for your business or organisation.


How do I tell how long a new order will take to be delivered?

Due to the global supply shortage, depending on the components you choose, there may be one or more of them in constraint. We suggest speaking to your account manager or a member of our Scan Business team, as they will be able to advise on the lead time and what alternatives may be available (either immediately or on shorter lead times) for your particular requirements.

If I already have an order placed with you, can you advise its delivery date?

If you have an existing order already placed with us, you can check on your order status 24hrs a day on our website. If there is a delay to your order arising from these shortages, we will do our utmost to keep you informed of any issues arising and where possible we will communicate any expected delays with as accurate lead times as we have visibility of. Where no lead time is available, we will contact you to discuss your requirements and see if there are any alternative parts available (either immediately or on shorter lead times) that may bring your order delivery forward.

Should I place my order anyway or hold off?

We recommend placing orders as soon as possible, as this allows us to understand commitment we need to fulfil. We work closely with our strategic partners such as Intel, NVIDIA and AMD to ensure the best supply of components as they become available. The more complex your project the more critical it is that you place your order to register that demand in the pipeline - again, as mentioned above, your account manager or a member of our Scan Business team is always on hand to discuss how a large order may be fulfilled with an alternative specification if this is possible. Furthermore, these shortages and the increase in demand will undoubtedly result in price increases, so by placing your order as soon as possible you will protect your organisation from rising costs by ordering at a later date.

If there are no suitable hardware alternatives, what are my options?

If there are no satisfactory alternative components that the Scan Business team can source through our partners to address lengthy time frames, we may be able to provide the same capabilities via one of our 3XS Cloud services. Speak to your account manager or a member of our Scan Business team for further information.

Are there any other ways to keep informed about component supply?

Although this page will be updated regally with the latest information, subscribing to our Scan Business newsletters and following us on Linkedin will provide updates as to alternative services and products that may address your requirements without extended time frames.

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