Scan 3XS Dream PCs

Differences between a Dream PC and a standard 3XS system

While each and every 3XS system can be customised and configured to your requirements and is built in our state-of-the-art factory in the UK, if you're looking for a truly individual PC that speaks to you then you should consider a Dream PC. Our Dream PCs differ from our standard 3XS systems in many ways including their customisation, appearance, incredible performance, overclocks and watercooling.

When it comes to Dream PCs, Scan has a reputation for not only producing superb specimens but also adding the extra wow factor. The painted parts are clad in Volcano Orange, with a gorgeous metallic finish

Custom PC - 3XS Bear

Fully Custom Built PCs

Each Dream PC is piece of PC art and the result of hundreds of hours of research and development, resulting in a true custom PC. Each of our Dream PCs is built around a theme, such as the 3XS Barracuda which has a stunning metallic blue finish but like all our Dream PCs is available in any colour scheme you wish.

Dream PCs such as the Barracuda aren't simply painted though, they include dozens of additional parts designed in-house at Scan that enhance the look, performance and features of the system, such as new fan grilles, water cooling brackets and panels to hide unsightly cables. All these parts, plus other components such as fans, LEDs, cables, the motherboard and RAM are also painted to match the colour scheme of the PC. The end result is a truly customised PC that although based on off-the-shelf components is truly unique to Scan and really stands out from the crowd.

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The World's Fastest PCs

We cherry pick all the components inside our Dream PCs for their high performance and then overclock them to deliver outstanding performance. For instance, the Intel Core i7 6900K CPU is normally overclocked to 4.2GHz or 4.4GHz in our normal 3XS systems, but can be over overclocked as high as 4.6GHz in Dream PCs such as the Barracuda. Similarly, we also overclock the EVGA GeForce GTX graphics cards in our Dream PCs, boosting the frame rate you see in games to an unparalleled level of smoothness. You can read more about the best CPU and best graphics card for your Dream PC in our online guides.

The Bear wins our vote with its great hardware choices, storming game performance and great-looking design touches. Plus it's the fastest PC we've ever tested

Custom PC - 3XS Bear

Water Cooled PCs

While performance is king, our engineers always striving to make our Dream PCs as quiet as possible. Each Dream PC is fully water cooled with a custom-made loop comprising water blocks, radiator, super quiet fans and your choice of flexible tubing or stunning solid acrylic tubing. The latter takes dozens of hours to make per PC but the end result speaks for itself with a stunning look and superior airflow through the interior of the PC. The higher-end Dream PCs with multiple GeForce GTX graphics cards feature separate watercooling loops for the graphics cards and CPU, ensuring even bigger overclocks and reducing noise to an absolute minimum.

The cooling system was also easily able to tame it's hardware, and [it] was the quietest system on text by a long way

Custom PC - 3XS Barracuda

Smart Design

It's very easy to design a Dream PC on paper by simply clicking on all the most expensive components. However, speccing up a PC that way doesn't automatically result in the fastest, most responsive or quietest PC. Scan 3XS Dream PCs are designed by an in-house experts who have designed thousands of PCs and so know that even a luxury Dream PC needs to justify its cost. That's why you won't find any unnecessarily large power supplies in our Dream PCs - our systems are far more power efficient than they were a few years ago and simply don’t need 1.5kW of power. For these reasons the components in our Dream PCs systems may not be the most expensive but they do provide you with the most bang-per-buck.

 Barracuda Design

Deliver to Desk

Due to the complex and delicate nature of a Dream PC we recommend choosing our white glove service 'Deliver to Desk'. If you choose this service your Dream PC will be delivered by two engineers. They will not only deliver the system, but unbox and set it up for you, configuring all the peripherals the way you want.