3XS Cloud Workstation Proof of Concept

Cloud GPU compute solutions such as the 3XS Cloud Workstation unlock new possibilities thanks to its unparalleled performance, flexibility and scalability. However, we want you to be sure that the solution is right for you, so provide the ability to try your own data on one of our shared platform for a free of charge 3-day trial. Hosted in a secure datacentre, we will provide you with remote access to the cloud platform so you can evaluate and benchmark it.

You tell us what your intended application(s) are to test, and we will provide a virtual workstation with suitable specification to enable a meaningful benchmark alongside any existing physical infrastructure you may have.

Furthermore, our expert technical team are on hand during your free trial to ensure you get the most out of your evaluation period. It really is that simple.


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Our 3XS Cloud solutions are available for short term rent, longer term contracts or as full on-premise solutions.

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