The Choice is Yours

Our 3XS Cloud Workstation platform offers a range of specification levels designed and optimised to suit the wide variety of applications available (view the full list here). Once you have selected your virtual machine specification, you choose your time frame (daily, weekly, monthly) and away you go.

Model vCPU Cores Memory GPU Memory Storage* Capacity
S-ONE 2 8GB 512MB 50GB 30
S-TWO 4 16GB 1GB 100GB 15
S-THREE 4 32GB 2GB 200GB 8
D-THREE 8 32GB 2GB 200GB 15
S-FOUR 8 96GB 4GB 200GB 4
D-FOUR 8 62GB 4GB 200GB 8
S-FIVE 14 248GB 8GB 400GB 2

Ways to Choose

To help you decide which workstation is right for you we have two ways to choose:

1. I know what you need and want to begin my configuration now

2. I’m not sure which is best for my application and would like help

If you’re completely unsure, we offer a free-of–charge proof of concept that allows you to try the platform for free.

Scan Boost

We have optimised our platforms to ensure you receive the best performance for your required application, however we also recognise that there may be times you need that little bit more oomph! Introducing Scan Boost.

Scan Boost offers a short term increase in your performance, and can be requested at any time to give you a lift in capability just when you need it most.

3XS Endpoints

The 3XS Cloud Workstation platform allows you to remove costly and bulky workstations from your infrastructure in favour of regular client devices. This makes way for small-footprint terminals specifically designed to harness the power of the 3XS cloud graphics platform. Introducing the range of 3XS Thin Clients.

Contact Us

Our 3XS Cloud solutions are available for short term rent, longer term contracts or as full on-premise solutions.

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