Cloud Workstation Rental Solutions

The 3XS Cloud Workstation rental platform works by connecting you to the GPU power you need when you need it. To ensure the cloud workstation rental platform is best suited to your business, you should ask yourself these three basic questions:

How many workstations do you need?

As you can sign up to rent as little as a single workstation on our shared cloud platform, even the smallest business can now benefit from high power compute and graphics services without costly outlay and overheads. However, if you have a requirement for over 30 cloud workstations, then our private cloud solution may prove more cost effective for your business.

What applications do you use?

Whilst many applications are perfectly suited to a cloud environment, there are a few that are not licensed to be virtualised. You can view our list of support applications by industry vertical, that are ideal for the cloud platform. In the cases where cloud may not be suitable we can build a physical workstation tailored for that application. View our range of 3XS Pro Graphics workstations.

Where do you want to store your data?

If the data you wish to work on can be stored in the cloud, then either the rental (public cloud) or private (hosted) platforms will be suitable, depending on the number of workstations required. If your business has a requirement to retain all data on your premises, regardless of workstation numbers, then the best option for you is the dedicated on-premise solution.

The 3XS Cloud Workstation options

Not only is no resource wasted, virtualisation delivers many operational benefits to the business and users:

Shared Solutions
OPTION 1 The standard cloud rental offering is based on a per user per month contract accessing a standard cloud workstation with a pre-defined CPU, memory, GPU, storage resource and monitor resolution support. Your company data is hosted within the solution.

Upgrades to this standard specification can be added as required. There is also the option to specify a custom workstation on a ‘pick and mix’ basis, with each component charged independently.
OPTION 2 This option is the same as option 1, but where your data is retained on your premises, and accessed via a secure VPN connection. You need to make sure you select this option in the selection matrix at point of order.
OPTION 3 This option offers access to our cloud render farm and deep learning /AI appliance – the DGX-1, and its high capacity storage environment. As this is a premium service you automatically get access to cloud workstations – which can be customised as described in option 1.

Dedicated Solutions

SharedOption 1: Hosted
On PremisesOption 2: On Premises

This is a dedicated infrastructure designed specifically for your business application and density requirements, but hosted within a datacentre. This solution will typically connect to a private MPLS network or use a LAN extension link to a customer site. If the hosted infrastructure is connected to the internet, then remote access is also possible for your employees. Due to this being in a hosted environment, the solution is available only as a managed service, where by the datacentre takes care of all hardware maintenance, software updates and patches so there is minimum overhead on your business once deployed.

This is a dedicated infrastructure to provide cloud workstations for your company, but located within your business premises. Again, this is specifically designed for your business application and density requirements, and will typically interface with a local network and connect into an existing storage environment. Remote access capability is also optional. As this solution is located within your site, we can either provide project support (design and installation) or offer a full managed service as described above.

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Our 3XS Cloud solutions are available for short term rent, longer term contracts or as full on-premise solutions.

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