Intel VCA

The Intel VCA (Visual Computing Accelerator) combines the performance of Intel Xeon E3 and E5 platforms together in one system for visual understanding tasks such as object recognition plus media transcoding and virtual graphics such as virtual hosted workstations and desktop cloud gaming.

Proof of Concept

We want you to be sure that Intel VCA meets your requirements, so provide the ability to try your own data on one of our servers as a Proof of Concept. Hosted in a secure datacentre, we will provide you with remote access to an Intel VCA so you can evaluate and benchmark it.

Intel VCA Uses

Object Recognition
Visual Understanding
  • • Object Recognition
  • • Tracking
  • • Search
  • • Smart Cities
Media Transcoding
Media Transcoding
  • • Transcode
  • • Store
  • • Serve
Virtual Graphics
Virtual Graphics
  • • Virtual Hosted Workstation
  • • Desktop Cloud Gaming

Intel VCA Specification

The Intel VCA card features three individually bootable systems, each powered by an Intel Xeon E3 processor with enhanced Intel Iris graphics. These are hosted by an Intel Xeon E5 server, which can be customised to your requirements with up to eight VCA cards.

VCA Server
Intel VCA
CPU(s) 3x Intel Xeon E3 LV4, quad-core, 2.9GHz
Graphics 3x Intel Iris Pro P6300 with 128MB eDRAM
Memory 2x ECC DDR3L DIMMs per CPU
Operating System Support CentOS 7.2, Xeon or KVM support if using hypervisor
Form Factor 16x PCI-E 3.0 add-in card

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How to get your free Intel VCA Proof of Concept

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