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High Performance Computing

Our goal is to make the most reliable HPC systems and clusters in the market, using the best quality components, backed by award-winning customer support. We build systems using Intel Xeon and Xeon Phi processors plus NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators for Analytics, 3D Graphics and Simulation. Please click on the system types below to view example configurations, or call 01204 474747 or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

NVIDIA Tesla Servers

HPC servers using the power of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs perform calculations an order of magnitude faster than CPUs alone, saving you time and money in energy costs. Find out more about Scan 3XS GPU servers and about our wide range of specifications, all of which can be customised to meet your requirements.

Tesla Servers

CPU Rendering

Rendering calculations have always been traditionally performed on the CPU. This guide will explore the pros and cons of CPU rendering and help you choose what hardware configuration is most suitable for your chosen renderer.

CPU Rendering

GPU Rendering

Using the power of the thousands of cores in a graphics card it's possible to dramatically shorten the time taken to render a scene. This guide explores what is the best hardware for rendering and shows the massive performance gains to be had when choosing the optimum GPU(s) for rendering.

GPU Rendering

Featured System

The HPC GI8000-TR3 is a 4U rackmount server capable of supporting up to 8 dual-slot NVIDIA GPU accelerators from the Tesla product family plus a pair of powerful Intel Xeon Scalable processors, each with up 28-cores, plus up to 768GB of 6-channel DDR4 memory.

HPC GI8000-TR3

Intel VCA Proof of Concept

The Intel VCA (Visual Compute Accelerator) combines the performance of Intel Xeon E3 and E5 platforms together in one system for visual understanding tasks such as object recognition plus media transcoding and virtual graphics such as virtual hosted workstations and desktop cloud gaming. Hosted in a secure datacentre, we will provide you with remote access to an Intel VCA so you can evaluate and benchmark it.

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Peace of mind

3XS Enterprise Solutions and servers are professionally assembled in our state of the art factory in Bolton and are protected by a three year warranty with the first year providing onsite cover. All three years of the warranty include both parts and labour, so if your system does develop a fault we'll repair or replace it free of charge.

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