Steam Machines

Enjoy the best of PC gaming on the big-screen TV in your living room with a Steam Machine, a small form factor gaming PC that is designed to sit underneath the TV in your living room. Steam Machines run the TV-friendly Steam operating system and include a wireless gamepad, the Steam Controller, to play games with.

Steam Machines

Steam Machines are small, quiet and powerful gaming PCs designed to plug into the TV, enabling you to play your favourite games from the comfort of your sofa. Learn more about what goes into the making of a Steam Machine, the tech behind Steam OS and the revolutionary Steam Controller and how together they will transform your gaming experience.

Peace of Mind

Scan is the UK's official launch partner for Steam Machines, which are professionally assembled in our state of the art factory in Bolton and are protected by a three year warranty with the first year providing onsite cover. All three years of the warranty include both parts and labour, so if your PC does develop a fault we'll repair or replace it free of charge.

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