3XS TBX299 - Audio Production System

TBX299 PowerDAW - High end Intel i9 based audio production system for writing, mixing, post production, soundtrack and VSL score work.

3XS TBX299 - Audio Production System
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System Overview

The TBX299 digital audio workstation is our high end overclocked studio solution for artists who are really pushing the limits. Designed initially as the ideal solution for VSL users who require a very sizable amount of memory, this base system with the 9900X CPU in use offers up 10 cores of processing power with hyper threading giving a total of 20 logical cores to power your plugins and larger CPU options are available for this system. As with all of our digital audio workstations, noise levels are kept low and unobtrusive thanks to careful component choices including large and slow fans on the case, cooler and PSU options, with this specification uprating the cooling to the Nanoxia N.V.V series high pressure case fans with a low sonic profile. This digital audio workstation also has 8 drive bays to allow you plenty of storage space for all of your sounds, samples and programs to be stored along with two M.2. ports for super-fast NVME storage options. The graphic card options will allow 3 or 4 monitor screen configurations in order to give you more flexibility in your work flow and further expansion slots allow us to increase this further if required, meaning that this system can be expanded to meet just about any require from an digital audio workstation PC in your studio environment.

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