3XS SQ170 - Music Studio PC

SQ170 Music Studio PC - Compact mITX based recording system.

3XS SQ170 - Music Studio PC
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System Overview

The SQ170 music studio PC offers a full i7 specification and performance in a smaller more descrete case. The system is based around a Fractal Design Node 304 case which has a footprint of only 250 x 210 x 374 mm (WxHxD mm) but can easily accomodate up to 4 full sized hard drives which is the maximum the motherboard can support. The Asus mITX motherboard solution at the heart of this setup allows you to fit either an i5 or i7 current generation Intel CPU offering superb performance to handle all of your software needs, with none of the loss of performance often experienced with smaller solutions. Due to the system being based around an mITX board, the are limitations with a board of this size that may affect expandability options as the board is limited to a pair of memory slots allowing up to 16GB. Its other restriction due to space is that it only plays host to a single 16X PCIe slot. However the Z170 chipset can support up to 3 monitors natively and this board offers 3 outputs in the shape of 1 x D-Sub (VGA), 1 x HDMI & 1 x DVI-D, which means you can skip adding in a graphics card and use the PCI-e slot to host a UAD co-processor or other expansion card of your choice. The parts are all tested and chosen for their low heat & noise profiles, great performance and of course the rock solid reliability that is required from a music studio PC. This whole package makes it ideal as a portable workstation where a laptop may not offer enough power, a secondary sample processing or effects system for use with software like VSL or even the main recording and editing music studio PC with the i7 option, or where tracking and editing is the key concern rather than full on production the default i5 may prove itself to be the ideal option. Whatever your requirements in the studio, if one of them is making the most efficent use of your current space then this SQ170 Music Studio PC should help you achieve the best results.

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  • Intel Haswell i7
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