3XS CZ270 - Audio Project PC

The 3XS CZ270 Audio Project PC

3XS CZ270 - Audio Project PC
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System Overview

The CZ270 Audio Project PC is our entry level all rounder where we distil what makes our workstations great into a package suitable for all. This isn't the machine for users wishing to score epics in VSL, but it certainly is the machine for those starting out with their first steps into the world of audio production, and it's also fairly fitting for tracking and recording projects where audio is the focus. Audio production requires a reasonable minimum specification to allow your sequencer and plugs to run smoothly, and whilst we've set out here to reduce the cost we've also kept those performance needs in mind and aimed to simply offer the best value we can, whilst still striving to build a system fitting of a wide range of uses. We have i5 CPU options available as default which will offer enough performance to track, record and edit many small bands, and for those doing more heavy processing and production in the box like dance music production the i7 option often prove to be a popular choice for that bit of extra overhead for your processor hungry plugins like Serum, Diva or Vengeance VPS The Coolermaster case features included sound dampening and front door to keep the noise contained, and to ensure the minimum of disruption we configure the fans to run slow to keep the noise profile low. With support for 4 SSDs & 2 HDDs the midsized tower case offers you the support you'll need for your storage options. The motherboard can support 3 video outputs with physical connections for HDMI, DVI-D and VGA, ensuring that you can hook up a wide range of monitors, both new and old. Onboard networking has a Gigabit network port as default and we have a number of pre-validated add in options to complete the networking requirements. All this means that the are plenty of upgrade possiblities here, giving you a system that can grow with you as your needs develop and support your production requirements for years to come.

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