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Hello and Welcome to Velocity 2014!!

Here at Scan we cherish the work of Creatives.
Whether you're a Musician, a Producer, a Film-maker, a Photographer or a Motion Graphics type, we supply the systems and equipment that make this stuff happen.
In partnership with Intel, we are proud to present Velocity 2014, a competition that could accelerate your career in the same way that a 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor can speed up your workflow with more tracks, more plugins, more filters and shorter render times!

We've upgraded the competition with a new category and an extra 20 Prizes, worth over £5000!

We’ve simplified the entry process, so you just need to send us a link to a piece of your original work, which can be an Audio, Video or Image file.

  • You can also now enter a separate Tutorial Video category, where you can describe either how you made your entry in one of the other categories, or make it about a certain technique or process that you like to use in your work.
  • The winners will be chosen by some of the world’s top creative professionals, where you can now win over £35000 of fantastic production kit, as well as masterclasses and studio sessions with that money just can’t buy!
  • You are free to enter once in each category, if you have work that fits the criteria.
  • Existing entrants will be entered into their chosen category AND the new Tutorial Video category.
  • Check the updated FAQ’s and click on the category names for more prize information.
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You will need to Download the Title Screen to insert at the start of your video when submitting your entry.
Download Here

For full Terms & Conditions please click here


How do I enter?
There are two different ways to enter the competition.
You can choose to do EITHER, or BOTH!

1. Send us a LINK to an example of your best work.

This can be an Audio File, Video File or an HDR Image. You can submit a music video in one of the music categories AND in the Film and Video category.

2. Make a Tutorial Video This can either be about how you made the piece of your work you might have submitted, or about a certain technique that you use. Some examples would be. How did you mic up your guitar cabinets? How did you make a particular sound in a synthesizer? How did you light a video scene? What settings did you use to create an HDR Image?

You can use any service you want to host your work, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Just fill out the entry form, pick the category you are entering and give us the link to your work.

How Long Does My Entry Need To Be ?
Under 10 Minutes

When is the Closing Date ?
The Competition closes on the 31st May 2014.

Can Anyone Enter The Competition ?
The competition is free to enter and is open to all UK residents aged over 16. For 16 and 17 year olds permission to enter from a parent, person with parental responsibility or guardian must be acknowledged at time of entry.

Do I Have To Submit Something New ?
No, you are free to make something new if you choose, but you can submit existing work, as long as it has not been previously commercially available.

Can I Submit An Edited Piece Of Work ?
Yes! You are free to submit an edited piece of work if you do not wish to publicly share the complete piece. If you are chosen as a finalist, the judge(s) will require a full length version of the work, but this will not be made publically available if you do not wish it to be.

However, if you are judged the Winner or Runner–Up in the music categories, we will release the full Piece as part of the prize.

Can I Use Samples, Existing Images Or Video Clips In The Entry ?
You can only use things that you either own the rights to, or are allowed to use under licence, such as samples from a commercial sample cd or stock video library.

Can I Submit a Remake, Remix Or Cover Version ?
Only if you have the rights to it, so probably not

Is It Free To Enter ?
There is no submission fee and no purchase necessary.

Can I Share My Entry ?
Yes! Please share it with your friends and on social media. We will feature some of our favourite videos here on the site.

Can I Enter More Than One Category ?
Yes, you can enter more than one category, but please, only one entry per category.


The Scan team (with over a century of combined music industry experience) will first assess all entries. At least the top 20 entries in each category will then be viewed by the guest judges, who will decide who wins the top prizes.

A shortlist of five entries will be selected by the Scan Team from which the final winner and two runners up will be chosen by the head judge.

The Scan team will pick our twenty favourite, most informative videos and each one will win a prize. You will pick up points for clear, concise descriptions.

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