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Videostar VisTitle for Edius 6 - CAN-VTE6
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Videostar VisTitle for Edius 6


Thumbnail 1 : Videostar VisTitle for Edius 6

CAN-VTE6 - Videostar VisTitle, Non-linear title effect software for EDIUS 6

Scan Code: LN36860

Manufacturer Code: CAN-VTE6

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Product Overview

VisTitle is a new title application developed by Beijing VideoStar Technology Co. Ltd, which is designed to meet the requirements of GrassValley EDIUS users for HD/SD titles and graphics design. It is featured with cubic Bezier curve editing, floating point based transformation, true 3D space effects, GPU keyframeable effects, various motion styles and more.
VisTitle is the best choice of EDIUS users for its powerful features, reliability and unrivalled real-time performance.


• Work with CPU+GPU. Fully take advantage of multi-core technology.
• Support standard UNICODE text.
• Smooth and accurate floating point based transformation. Ease of up/down-conversion.
• Advanced anti-aliasing and anti-flicker techniques.
• All the texts and graphics are shaped with Bezier curves. Ease of adding/deleting/adjusting the curve knots. It is extremely helpful in designing the customized shapes and graphic combinations.
• Innovative Boolean operations with objects (add, subtract, union and intersect).
• Unlimited Face, Edge, Depth, and Shadow elements combinations. It is simply to create different styles, such as neon, 3D, multi-edge, multi-shadow, beveled, etc. Thanks to the powerful engine, all the titles are rendered in vector. It allows the user to alter, transform the titles without ruining the original information.
• Unlimited object groups. Positioning, scale, rotation, adjusting pivot and shearing are still available after grouping.
• Lots of alignment styles. Support applying different settings to the different elements, from a single character to a paragraph. Support path text and deformation with curves.

• Fully keyframeable positioning, scaling, rotation and effects adjustments in a true 3D space.
• Fully keyframeable GPU- accelerated effects.
• All the effects are rendered in realtime, such as page rolls, ripples, explosion, lens flare, light stripes and so on.
• Animated In/Out by a single character, line or as a whole.
• Customized In/Out styles, such as Loop, slow-motion, masking, underlay, 3D scroll and more.
• Support dynamic texture on any text with unique GPU rendering engine.

• With a good understanding of users' mental models, VisTitle has an intuitive interface. Fully Undo/Redo and WYSIWYG. Unrivalled realtime performance and preview monitoring.
• Automatic alignment of objects and text using smart guidline snapping technology.
• Intuitive and easy timeline editing
• A lot of textures, patterns, light effects, gradient colors, objects, images, animations, and effect templates are available
• Seamlessly integrated with Grass Valley EDIUS non-linear editing software
• Simply drag and drop the desired template onto the timeline from dedicatedly EDIUS title template library
• Modify the texts directly on the EDIUS timeline. With the Mini-title editor, it is convenient to set still/dynamic properties, duration, scroll out duration and ´the last line pause duration´
• Drag and drop the HD/SD title templates onto the track and they can be converted to match the project automatically.
• The animation clips and dynamic texture clips which are dedicated designed for EDIUS can be played back in realtime.

• Several text file (with/without timecode) importing/Exporting methods. Ease of subtitles modification.
• Ease of subtitle design, such as single-line, double-line, vertical, horizontal, path text and so on.
• Several text file (with/without timecode) importing/Exporting methods. Ease of subtitles modification.
• Ease of subtitle design, such as single-line, double-line, vertical, horizontal, path text and so on.

Technical Specification



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Duration: 24 months

Type: Direct

DOA Period: 7 days

Manufacturer Contact Details

Telephone: 01189 230 416 / 427

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