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Steam Machines

A range of compact PCs optimised for the upcoming SteamOS, a powerful new open-platform operating system developed by Valve Corporation, specially designed to give gamers the ultimate living room experience. It incorporates both a TV-friendly interface to the Steam gaming store and social media platform along with your favourite music, TV and movies.

3XS Steam NC10

The Scan 3XS Steam NC10 is a custom design developed by Scan Computers in conjunction with NVIDIA to provide gamers with the smallest possible PC for their living room. Utilising special components the NC10 is less than a quarter the height of other Small Form Factor PCs making it an ideal fit under your TV on a shelf next to an amplifier, Freeview box or other AV devices. It measures just 202 x 45 x 369mm, giving it a volume of just 3 litres - five times smaller than most SFF PCs. Coming soon.

3XS Steam NC10
  • Intel Core i5 4210M dual-core 2.6GHz
  • 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M
  • 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz
  • 120GB Samsung 840 Evo SSD
  • 202 x 45 x 369 mm (WxHxD mm)
  • SteamOS and 3 Year Premium Warranty
Professionally Built by Our 3XS Team
Intel-Haswell-i5 Nvidia Geforce

From £505.74 ex VAT £606.89 inc VAT

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